Saturday, August 1, 2009

this just doesn't happen

My husband and I love Palm Springs. It's close to home. It's pure relaxation. Throw a little mid-century modern furniture shopping in and we're in heaven. I'm so lucky to share a passion for furniture with my husband. We actually look forward to trying to find that one "piece" for the house. We hit up all the usual spots and there was a lot of , "Oh babe, you have to see this!" We were looking for a couch that would fit into the back of the volvo, one that would replace the monster in our living room. A smaller one, with clean lines and that is still this one from Room and Board. We didn't find a couch, but we did find was this in walnut and ivory. However, it didn't look quite like the picture. We found it upstairs with all the other clearance furniture in the corner and in two pieces. The backrest was disconnected from the seat, the arms were on the wrong side, the bottom on backwards, it had come unglued, and was a little dirty....all totally fixable! It was a bit like adopting a pet from the shelter. People would come and go through the store, see the chair in pieces and keep walking.

We were so excited (visual: my husband rubbing his hands together with a crazy smile on his face). Could this be happening? How could this $3,049.00 chair have a $500.00 price tag? Oh yeah, it was in two pieces and appeared unfixable, but we were the luckiest people ever! We didn't want to appear overly excited because other customers would begin to wonder what all the buzz was about. No one could move in on our chair! Albeit somewhat of an impulse buy since we had just purchased a copy of the real thing the weekend prior, this was the real deal! Our excitement and optimism spread to the saleslady who thought it a bit amusing that my husband thought he could bring it back to its original glory. She lowered the price to $400.00! So, after paying $375, the chair was ours. Ha! The same price we paid for the copy the weekend prior. AMAZING! The saleslady told us to send her a picture when it was fixed and in our living room. Will do!

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