Saturday, August 15, 2009

my hidden oasis

One of my favorite places to go relax and regroup, Bergamot Spa in Leucadia, has moved. I went to check out their new location on Vulcan and I was really taken back. I knew the new location would be just as amazing as their first, but it was even bigger and better than I imagined. Picture #1 above is where they do all of their nails. Off the left side of that building is where they do hair. Picture #2 above looks onto the grounds with the future site of the yoga studio to the left. Picture #3 captures a massage hut and meditation hut, both over a huge koi pond.

After a tour of the new grounds, it was off to what will eventually be their yoga studio for my 90 minute massage with Natalie, who I highly recommend! I pulled my power thought card and it couldn't have been more right on! I'll admit, I fell asleep during the massage. It was wonderfully relaxing.

Go check it out for yourself. Be prepared to leave the daily stressors at the door.

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