Friday, November 12, 2010

A Big Apple Announcement

Fact: I moved to Brooklyn, New York.

Fact: The Floral Lab is still alive and thriving and will continue to do so throughout Southern California.

A job offer from Tiffany & Co for the husband and an opportunity for me to establish The Floral Lab NYC.... too good to pass up. I'll be taking the next few months to get settled in our new apartment and get The Floral Lab's Brooklyn studio up and ready to take on 2011 clients.

I'm beyond excited to welcome Emilia to The Floral Lab! She's has taken the reins and will be managing and designing beautiful floral decor for the business. You may remember that we were paired for the 1st Hitched event in Los Angeles a few months back. She's been super helpful in pulling together the last four weddings of the year and is a natural talent. I couldn't be happier with the relationship that has evolved and cannot wait to see what the future holds. Bi-coastal floral decor domination, perhaps? A girl can dream. Note: Emilia also provides personalized event design, planning, coordination, and beautiful handcrafted decor!

Please continue to refer your clients to The Floral Lab SD and if you know of anyone getting married within the 5 boroughs of NYC, I'm available to meet for a consultation. If you're a photographer, planner, or paper goods designer and are traveling to NYC for a client or for fun, I'd love to schedule a photo shoot with you.

I have a lot of blogging to do highlighting weddings and photo shoots from this past summer and cannot wait to share them with you. Keep checking back for all the exciting SoCal and NYC happenings!

Welcome Emilia!


Emilia Jane said...

Yay! I'm so happy to be a part of The Floral Lab team! xoxo!

Hound and Thistle said...

So happy for you! I wish the Floral Lab much success on both coasts!

kenzaloo said...

hey you. my sis, who lives in brooklyn does hair. also, was raised by my momma...a florist, and i'm sure if you ever needed a partner in crime... just sayin. love that you're doing this. hope i get to see you at some point!!! xoxo -mackenzie