Monday, October 11, 2010

From Inspiration Board To Reality

I approached my first meeting with Emilia, of Sweet Emilia Jane and my Hitched partner-in-crime, with a bunch of energy. I hoped that I hadn't scared her off after using the words "street chic" and "modern" as my inspiration for our Hitched table design. I wanted to do something different, something other than the wildflower look that has flooded the blogs. Don't get me wrong, I love wildflowers, mason jars, and all things anthro, but I thought that Hitched would be a great venue to change it up a bit and think outside the box. Here's the inspiration board Emilia designed after our meeting {she totally rocked it}:

I've seen a lot of engagement pictures using graffitied walls as a backdrop. It's perfect, super colorful, interesting, and fun. Exist 1981 created the most amazing designs for our cinder blocks that we used to contain white hydrangea and phalaenopsis orchids. Throw in some gimp wrapped votives, silverware dipped in white paint, hot pink chevron napkins, crystal candlesticks, chilewich place mats, some rock candy, and we've got our table.

Hitched and the Smog Shoppe overflowed with talent and provided incredible inspiration for brides-to-be. A most genuine thank you to:

Paige Appel, Kelly Harris, and Audrey Woolen for creating such a venue for the modern day bride-to-be and asking The Floral Lab to come play.
The Smog Shoppe for being a gracious host.
Exist 1981 for artwork that was beyond our expectations.
Sarah Yates and all the talented photographers that snapped pictures of our table and the event.
All the blogs that featured Hitched.
Lastly, Sweet Emilia Jane for being the raddest partner {you haven't seen the last of us - wink wink}.

Hitched takes over the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs on January 30, 2011. See who got snagged here!

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The Mitchells said...

I LOVE it! The rock candy is so creative! The colors are gorgeous. It turned out really beautiful.