Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bravo Baby Shower - La Mipa Organica Farm, Escondido,CA

La Milpa Organica Farm in Escondido was the location of our friend's baby shower. Guests gathered under this most amazing tree to celebrate the the much anticipated arrival of baby Bravo.
Guests walked through a passion fruit covered archway on their way to the big tree.
Off to the left was this great man made structure.
Picnic tables lined with mason jar arrangements.
A close up of the centerpiece designed with dusty miller, sweet pea, chamomile, and ranunculus.
A craft station for the guests to draw pictures on fabric squares that will be made into a quilt for the baby's room. A huge hit with the kids.
The Mattson Two played amazing jazz throughout the show. Check these boys out. Trust me, you'll love them. Perfect for a a cocktail hour!

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Melissa McClure Photography said...

what an awesome baby shower! Love the location too! :)